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Save time with BRP Integrations
for CDK Lightspeed®EVO

Everyone in the Powersports industry is used to running lean. CDK Global Lightspeed and BRP are teaming up to help give you what you need most — time. The latest BRP Integrations for LightspeedEVO help you save time so you can focus on your customers

These integrations are now available to your dealership free of charge.


NEW: BRP Sales Leads Integration
Receive and manage leads generated by BRP directly to your LightspeedEVO CRM application. This will help reduce the need for manual entry and provide a more streamlined follow-up process.

BRP Parts Order Integration
Key Benefits include:
• Generate and submit your parts purchase order directly to BRP with a single click
• Improve accuracy and reduce duplicate entries while ordering parts, accessories and apparel
• An easy two-step approach: Approve the order and see any specific messaging
This integration is now available in LightspeedEVO. Simply search Service Connect for setup instructions on BRP Ordering.

BRP RISE Integration
Transmit your financial data directly to BRP RISE with a single click. After you initially map your Chart of Accounts in BRP RISE, you’ll be able to easily report your financial standings to get a more complete picture of your business operations. Contact BRP RISE for more information.

BRP VIN Decoding
This integration will help ensure consistent data entry with accurate unit information. Enter the VIN during the MU Inventory and Customer Unit entry process and the system will pull the pertinent Year/Make/Model details directly from a service provided by BRP.

BRP Nightly Part Price Updates
Part price updates are provided nightly (EVO) or weekly (NXT) and pushed to your Lightspeed system, so you can update your inventory. This integration helps with pricing accuracy, so you aren’t missing any adjustments. Tip: Make sure you have escalators set up and set to auto update.

Check out these helpful resources to learn more
about the new BRP integrations:

BRP RISE Integration (financial upload capacity)

BRP Parts Order Integration


Contact your CDK sales representative
800.521.0309 with any questions.

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