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DMS to Get With the Times?

CDK Global Lightspeed wants to help you upgrade the DMS capabilities of your Powersports dealership. With CDK Lightspeed®EVO, you’ll have the most advanced EVO platform at your fingertips, helping to solve your productivity, automation and integration issues while acquiring new leads, maintaining existing relationships and taking your dealership into the future.

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Remove barriers to revenue and growth and boost your business with the right tools.

Meeting sales targets and growing revenues

Identifying and reaching your most profitable customers

Improving customer service and satisfaction

Taking the pulse on every aspect of your dealership

Integrating all departments and locations efficiently

Moving major units or parts

Staying on top of inventory and stocking needs

Updating old or costly processes

Leveraging timely information to make actionable decisions

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Dealership Applications

Find efficiencies and tackle distractions across the board.

CDK Dealership Applications help your dealership focus on selling units, and not addressing repairs, downtime, or paperwork.

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CRM Solutions

Acquire leads and increase potential sales.

Clear, consistent and relevant communication with potential leads is vital to increasing sales. With a quality CRM solution in place, you can track and appeal to every possible lead.

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