CDK Lightspeed ®EVO

Keep your customers within reach
with CRM on CDK LightspeedEVO.

Customer Relationship Management is more critical than ever.

So we’ve added full CRM functionality to LightspeedEVO. All the lead management features you need, plus:

  • Follow-Up Chains let you automate the spacing and variety of messages, so you reach each customer at different stages of the process. Hundreds of individualized scenarios, promotional messages and updates—even across store chains.
  • User-defined follow-ups that streamline communication with your customers and keep you top of mind.
  • Bi-Directional Email and Texting (SMS) Integration to integrate and track all communication.
  • Desktop Widgets and Reporting that allow you to track and manage the sales cycle as well as analyze salesforce performance.
  • Enhanced System Alerts so you can set up alerts for new incoming leads and more.
  • Follow-up Tracking in each department gives you a centralized view of all activity.
  • Build a Unit lets you generate final buyers orders to review, complete with pictures.
  • NADA and other Unit Book Value Integrations for easy access to book values.
  • Door Swing Integration lets you automatically track door swings.

CRM in LightspeedEVO makes these fundamental aspects of your business easier to manage, allowing you to expand your reach and increase operational efficiency.