Meet Our Dynamic Duo

Here to Defend Your Profits and Promote Customer Retention.

Lightspeed CEM and Loyalty Rewards


These two award winning products integrate seamlessly with LightspeedNXT and LightspeedEVO. CEM will capture leads, run promotions, help with marketing, and guide customers go through the entire selling process, while Loyalty Rewards will help ensure your current customers return to your dealership again and again.

Using these two Lightspeed solutions in tandum makes for one dynamic duo.


Customer Experience Management (CEM) focuses on the complete lifetime interactions the customer has with your business. From Sales, Service, Parts, and General Management, Lightspeed CEM helps improve your bottom line.

  • Enhanced Digital Marketing
  • Increased Repeat Business
  • Promote Sales Generation
  • Create Service Loyalty

CDK Global offers complete Lightspeed solutions for improving customer communication to help build valuable lifetime customers. These customer experience solutions integrate directly with LightspeedEVO and NXT dealer management systems, eliminating the need for double or triple entry. 

Loyalty Rewards

Nifty_50_Winner_LogoLightspeed Loyalty Rewards is an award-winning, points based loyalty program built to benefit both the dealership and the customer. Rather than giving individual discounts, award points to customers for purchases they make. Building customer loyalty through points will help increase the amount of visits to your dealership.

  • Completely cardless
  • Fully automated after setup
  • Seamlessly integrated with Lightspeed
  • Customers easily redeem points with gift certificate or with mobile device
  • Dealer can view all outstanding points, top customers, & top categories
  • Ability to assign unique point values (1x, 2x, 3,x, 4x points)

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CEM & Loyalty Rewards